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I’ve always been, as they call it, ‘enthusiastic’ about crypto. Even in 2018, as most value disappeared, and in the early 2020, as the March Crash loomed. Now cryptocurrencies are skyrocketing. And I am truly worried – far more than I was during the Crypto Winter. The reason is scam currencies, useless currencies, ERC-20 ‘would-be-one-day’ tokens and all the shitty universe of crypto parasites. Let’s take Bitcoin Ultimatum – a hardfork of BTC that will solve all the troubles of.. it’s creator, a suspicious millionaire from Ukraine, Mr. Nikolai Udianskyi. This project is no more trustworthy than ‘Bitcoin Diamond’ and all the clones. And my fear is it will see a success – just to be busted in a month. Such currencies are the reasons for true and proved, innovative and supported currencies are losing trust and value. Nikolai Udianskyi, meanwhile has made his way to the Forbes list. We are lucky, that he is listed only in Ukrainian edition.

Nikolai Udianskyi is portrayed with former president Poroshenko and other billionaires.

Nikolai Udianskyi is portrayed with former president Poroshenko and other billionaires.

The Bitcoin Ultimatum seems to be the ultimate Bitcoin scam. In the first days of March 2020 cryptocurrency-related magazines were bombarded by press-releases of another hard fork of Bitcoin, the Bitcoin Ultimatum. The barrage is impressive and still visible. The new crypto is praised as fix-it-all solution for all original Bitcoin shortcomings, including but not limited by high regional centralisation, high cost of running energy-hungry mining farms, lack of contract based transactions and low speed, low speed and high rates. In other words Nikolai Udianskyi promises us a Bitcoin from heaven.

Where Nikolai Udianskyi got his Bitcoin Ultimatum from?

Except it is not a Bitcoin at all and comes from Ukraine – the place known for notorious crypto scams. It is even something less than a cryptocurrency because of highest level of centralisation. And Nikolai Udianskyi, the person behind the project leaves far more doubts than your fellow tier I enthusiast. All what is stated about Bitcoin Ultimatum is based on press-releases only and even the official web site of the coin does not contain a white paper. Instead it offers a fancy presentation. You cant’ find anything meaningful about the blochain.

It features partner section based only on three Nikolai Udianskyi own projects. With, according to some accounts, extensive involvement in MMCIS Forex Ponzi scheme and murky real estate projects intended to contain and identify rich IT engineers his figure does not seem to be sound. His own Coinsbit exchange receives many complaints on slow withdrawal which may indicate that it operates without proper liquidity. Just in case of any trouble you can bang your head against some Seychelles address provided – Global Gateway 8, Rue de la Perle Providence, Mahe, Seychelles. Godspeed little doodle.

Coinsbit exchange: Nikolai Udianskyi own trading platform

Coinsbit, the exchange founded by Nikolai Udianskyi, has gained an outright bad reputation. It seems to be operating by taking client money as a loan to pay for all the expenses including the occasional withdrawal. People wonder how such a small exchange may even exist. Mysterious disappearance of deposits, personal data and glitches – all in favour to Nikolai Udianskyi – are reported on the mass scale. His ASSUR insurance company (not to be confused with is known by single press release publication.

That’s the office of Bitcoin Ultimate project. No joke.

That’s the office of Nikolai Udianskyi Bitcoin Ultimatum project. No joke.

Bitcoin Ultimatum Nikolai Udianskyi seems to be either scam or wishful thinking with the edges unclear. It has no white paper, no hiring opportunities, no developer profiles. It is too good to be true project and we recommend to stay away from it as far as it is possible. Further checking reveals a Hong-Kong business center (111 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong-Kong) that looks like a crap, where Bitcoin Ultimatum ultimately resides. And that’s all. Investors wanted!

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